I follow the professional and ethical codes set out by my accrediting organisations and so I cannot post Psychotherapy or counselling client testimonials here. The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) state:

“11.3 The psychotherapist undertakes not to make or support unjustifiable statements relating to particular therapies or therapists or include testimonials from clients in any advertising material.”

– UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct

The reasons for this are multiple, but not least because each client is unique and therefore should not be asked to base their expectations on the experiences of another counselling or therapy client. Also, to do so may breach client confidentiality or make clients feel uncomfortable. Lastly, any Psychotherapist or counsellor would be able to simply make up their own ‘testimonials’ and publish them as legitimate client testimonials in their advertising material, which may mislead would-be clients.

However, I have delivered a number of educational, personal development and professional training events and workshops in the past and am able to present some feedback and evaluative comments from the various attendees here. They do not offer a clear window into the experiences of therapy clients, unfortunately, but they may be informative or helpful if you are trying to establish perceptions of me as a teacher-practitioner.

Feedback from an eating disorder charity CPD day:

“I learned lots of new things, the theory and practical side of body and movement, the links between mind and body…”

“I enjoyed the experiential and self-awareness in movement and body. Loved the outside walking part – very interesting!”

“Really enjoyed- thank you, a full or half day of this would be fab!”

“I learned a great deal that I will definitely go away to process and explore further. The session gave me the opportunity to think widely and explore body, movement and cognition, I wouldn’t change anything!”

“Educational, new and interactive. I learned the importance of movement and the meanings entailed. I had zero awareness of this before so this was very enlightening.”

“I now have more of an awareness of the body and how I can use this to help clients. I really enjoyed learning about a whole new medium that could accelerate progress with a client.”

“The session was tonnes of food for thought and really interactive – I enjoyed everything. I wouldn’t change anything – don’t think it needs improvement!”

“I learned how to be helpful through conversation, how to respond to resistant or ambivalent clients, how to encourage change and goal set for future success…”

“I enjoyed learning practical skills, application, and personal learning. I have learned lots of useful skills to put into practice…”

“I learned how to accept and roll with resistance, plus a structure to promote change.”

“I learned lots! In particular around how sometimes its ok to leave things there for the day and avoid ‘pushing’.”

“I’m learning how to deal with resistance, and the importance of reflection…. Everything was great – Ailsa was fab!”

“Very informative and well delivered.”

Attendees at a Motivation and Behaviour Change training course said….

“The course was delivered really well, with very high quality content and I would recommend it to colleagues. Great course – thank you very much.”

– NHS Consultant

“The content was very enjoyable and relevant, and I hope to implement the techniques in my clinics ASAP.”

– Smokefree support service manager

“These techniques are fundamental to some of the approaches we will need to understand to take the lifestyle service forward for our Trust – invaluable for our development and care of our clients.”

– NHS Trust Manager

“An excellent course – the hands on approach will be extremely valuable in my work activities.”

– Health Psychologist and Wellbeing Coach

“An excellent course which I have enjoyed – I have learned skills which are relevant and useful to my practice. Thank you :)”

– Ecotherapy Health Coach

If you need more of a personalised preview of how we might work together and what to expect in therapy, the best thing to do is to book a free consultation where we will discuss your requirements and set out how therapy might help.

To do this simply get in touch via phone on 07850 962 690 or email ailsa@authenticmoves.co.uk