Workshop (23rd Feb 2019): Pillars of Strength

Pillars of Strength

Developing confidence, assertiveness and healthy boundaries through creative, embodied intuition and movement

Workshop with Ailsa Parsons RDMP CPsychol and Charlene McAuley MA RYT

I am pleased to offer a therapeutic personal development and CPD workshop with Charlene McAuley MA RYT of this yoga

Charlene’s interests extend both within and beyond yoga, towards Gestalt Psychotherapy and Authentic Movement, and in this workshop we will fuse our knowledge, skills and experience in a combined offering.

This holistic afternoon aims to be of personal value to individuals interested in creativity, psychotherapy, counselling, art therapy, dance movement psychotherapy, yoga or related fields, as well as wellbeing professionals (e.g. counsellors or yoga practitioners) who wish to expand their knowledge and experience in these innovative methods.

So, whether for personal nourishment or professional development, read on for more details.

When: Saturday 23rdFebruary 2019 1 – 5pm

Where: Christ Church, Parrs Wood Road, Manchester, M20 6EE 

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The day aims to…
  • help develop awareness of internal states, goals and intentions 
  • develop ways to address, change or express these creatively and intuitively
  • experiment with personal narrative
  • explore and map one’s personal story within the body
  • identify personal strengths, difficulties and ability to live fully while holding both
  • support others and be supported in moving forward
What will the workshop involve?

There will be a maximum of 20 attendees, and light refreshments will be provided. There is no obligation to do any activity that you are not comfortable with, instead, all activities can be engaged at a level that you feel is safe and suitable for you. You will be invited to engage in different creative and body-based light activities which are designed to be therapeutic, although this workshop is not formal Psychotherapy.

Besides movement and body awareness, we may use different physical props or creative mediums such as drawing, imagery, music and sound. You will be encouraged to use your own embodied intuition (or ‘gut feeling’) as a guide for how to engage with activities, so that you have a sense of safety as well as setting yourself some challenges.

Charlene says:

“In embodied movement, we will work from a place of ‘what is’ by becoming more familiar with ourselves through the felt sense of moving. We are relearning how to inhabit our present bodies with awareness to live our daily lives from a centred, more confident place where we are comfortable within our skin. In the workshop, the embodied movement will involve episodes of learning new movement patterns and moments of moving from our own accord so as to trust our innate ability to learn and adapt as well as our capacity to uncover and simply be.”

“I suffer from (depression, anxiety, trauma…), can I attend this workshop?”

Of course! Problems such as anxiety, depression, trauma or PTSD, low confidence, low self-esteem, relationship issues, phobias and/or panic disorders are extremely common and we want to reduce stigma around these issues. Indeed, the workshop is designed to be therapeutic and individuals suffering from these and other problems may benefit from creative activities, movement and enhancing confidence, assertiveness and boundaries. 

However, the workshop is a one-off and is not actual ‘therapy’, and so we do ask that people look after themselves physically and mentally, which means only working at a depth suitable for this limited one-off event, so as not to become distressed or open up matters that will be left unresolved at the end of the workshop.


£60 standard price

£45 ‘early bird’ (20thJanuary) / ADMP members / UKAHPP members / students

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For more information, please contact Ailsa via phone or email: 07850 962690 / or Charlene via phone or email: 07725 854416