Reviews & Testimonials


person-icon“I met with Ailsa to help us understand how to deal with eating and body image problems suffered by a family member. Her guidance and support was invaluable. I know myself and [family member] have taken loads of what Ailsa said on board. [Family member] is doing great so far – eating normally – so what we worked on in our first meeting has certainly gotten through. Thank you so much.”


hires_woman“I was recommended to work with Ailsa by another professional. I had been having some quite severe self-esteem problems, and my health and work productivity were suffering badly. I decided to try 1:1 sessions with an open mind, as I am quite creative and enjoy anything body-based, and I thought it might help with some of the issues I had. But I also had some pre-conceptions about what it would be like to work intensively with a ‘wellbeing coach’.

As it turned out Ailsa was great and working with her felt very normal, she put me at ease and the work went a lot deeper than I was even aware was possible! It had a really powerful effect on helping me with my self-esteem, self-worth and all my issues.

We didn’t just put health tips into practice, we spoke in depth about my troubles and about how my mental state was affecting my physical state and vice versa. We looked at how my movements, posture and physical sensations were linked to my psychological processes and external situation, and experimented with some changes. I changed my health behaviour and also how I viewed my body and the space around me. We worked creatively, and also explored my experience of being and moving in my body, and looked at different associations that came up for me in the process – it was really creative and definitely tailored to me.

After 8 sessions, the changes I felt in my sense of self and sense of place within my challenging world were more powerful than anything I’ve tried before. For once, I felt empowered to take ownership of my mind, my body and my personal space. I made peace with parts of myself that were rejected previously – parts that I couldn’t accept I realised were normal. And with other people, I became so much more assertive and confident – I’m not going to let other people control me now. I can take care of me!

I’m still on a journey to improve and adapt (like we all are), but working with Ailsa opened up parts of my mind to new understandings that I don’t think I would have benefitted from without this unique experience. It just helped me so so much and I wanted to say a big thank you!”



“I’ve worked with Ailsa on a number of digital health projects at the University of Salford. Ailsa combines extensive experience and solid knowledge with enthusiasm and passion for what she does. Ailsa is a real pleasure to work with – bringing innovative ideas together in an efficient and organised way.”

– Alex Fenton, University of Salford


“I have had the pleasure of being Ailsa’s student for two years at university. Ailsa is an exceptional teacher, able to not only educate but also to inspire and motivate…Ailsa speaks about her topics with passion; this is shown through her commitment to teaching and ensuring every student is able to achieve to their fullest potential. There are very few teachers that go above and beyond to the extent that Ailsa does.”

– Lawrence Stirk, University of Salford



 Delegates who attended Body, Movement and Motivation training at a North West eating disorder charity said…

“I learned lots of new things, the theory and practical side of body and movement, the links between mind and body…”

“I enjoyed the experiential and self-awareness in movement and body. Loved the outside walking part – very interesting!”

“Really enjoyed- thank you, a full day of this would be fab!”

“I learned a great deal that I will definitely go away to process and explore further. The session gave me the opportunity to think widely and explore body, movement and cognition, I wouldn’t change anything!”

“Educational, new and interactive. I learned the importance of movement and the meanings entailed. I had zero awareness of this before so this was very enlightening.”

“I now have more of an awareness of the body and how I can use this to help clients. I really enjoyed learning about a whole new medium that could accelerate progress with a client.”

“The session was tonnes of food for thought and really interactive – I enjoyed everything. I wouldn’t change anything – don’t think it needs improvement!”

“I learned how to be helpful through conversation, how to respond to resistant or ambivalent clients, how to encourage change and goal set for future success…”

“I enjoyed learning practical skills, application, and personal learning. I have learned lots of useful skills to put into practice…”

“I learned how to accept and roll with resistance, plus a structure to promote change.”

“I learned lots! In particular around how sometimes its ok to leave things there for the day and avoid ‘pushing’.”

“I’m learning how to deal with resistance, and the importance of reflection…. Everything was great – Ailsa was fab!”

“Very informative and well delivered.”


 Delegates who attended a one-day Motivation and Behaviour Change CPD course said…

“The course was delivered really well, with very high quality content and I would recommend it to colleagues. Great course – thank you very much.”

– NHS Consultant

“The content was very enjoyable and relevant, and I hope to implement the techniques in my clinics ASAP.

-Smokefree support service manager

“These techniques are fundamental to some of the approaches we will need to understand to take the lifestyle service forward for our Trust – invaluable for our development and care of our clients.”

-NHS Trust Manager

“An excellent course – the hands on approach will be extremely valuable in my work activities.”

-Health Psychologist and Wellbeing Coach

“An excellent course which I have enjoyed – I have learned skills which are relevant and useful to my practice. Thank you :)”

-Ecotherapy Health Coach