Individually inspired solutions to get you moving forward

I work with individuals, families and groups to transform health behaviour and wellbeing, especially around our relationships with diet, physical activity and our bodies.

I also provide consultancy to other professionals and organisations to tailor their services and products to maximise health impact.

This can take the form of ad hoc coaching to support as and when needed, or a predetermined and time limited package (e.g. 8 sessions).

Clients I work with successfully:

Individuals wanting to change or manage a habit (smoking, substance use, poor diet, stuck in a ‘health rut’)

Individuals wanting to gain a positive habit (enjoying physical activity, mindfulness, motivation, managing stress, family health, learning)

Individuals with weight-related problems

Women and men struggling with body image

Families dealing with disordered eating

Struggling and stressed out parents, new mums and their children

Organisations designing health products & wellbeing services (e.g. schools, app designers, sports clubs)

Organistions who struggle to address the above issues successfully within their client groups

In short, I love seeing people understand, enact and embody changes for the better.

Wondering if this is right for you? Check out some testimonials from my previous clients and projects here.

To take the most important step, use the form below to get in touch.

I don’t have time to send email spam, but I’m always happy to answer enquiries, questions or queries, so please use the comments box to give me a general idea of what you would like some help with.

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